Exhibiting an innate, passionate musicality and brilliant technical mastery well beyond his years, sixteen-year-old virtuoso pianist and com-poser Talon Smith has already won Gold at the Gina Bachauer International Junior Artists Piano Competition.

Talon’s inspiring musical performances dis-play immense beauty and passion engaging his listeners in an unforgettable experience. He shares his feelings and vast musical gifts of authentic depth and rare sensitivity with emotionally touching musical performances that have ignited both tears and laughter with his audiences. He commands the piano with superb tone, remarkable timing, and poetic phrasing layered with amazing contrasts of stunning colors. According to the experts, “This young pianist is extraordinary in many ways – Talon is a passionate musical force with a special and huge talent. He has a distinct voice, a remarkable sense of musical structure, and intense poetry.”

Talon’s career is marked by an abundance of triumphant achievements. He has won many top prizes – 1st place almost exclusively – in numerous solo, concerto, and composition competitions. He continues to perform in many successful solo artist and orchestral concerts in front of sold-out crowds generating enthusiastic stand-ing ovations by extremely inspired audiences.

Besides piano and composing, Talon enjoys spending time with family and friends; delicious food; reading the Bible, the classics, and books on theology and history; playing ultimate Frisbee; participating in choir; school; and spending time with his furry companion of 8 years – Browny – an Australian cattle dog. Talon states that some people have service dogs, but he has a “be served dog”— Browny is pampered.

Talon’s ultimate goal in piano playing is to bring glory to God and to be used by Him as a minister of bless-ing to his audiences.

Current Teachers: William Grant Naboré & Rufus Choi

Master Class Teachers: Dang Thai Son, Sergei Babayan, Kevin Kenner, Jerome Lowenthal, Eduardus Halim, Boris Slusky, Olga Kern, Awadagin Pratt, Oxana Yablonskaya, John Perry, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, Margarita Shevchenko, Alexander Korsantia, Simone Dinnerstein, Lara Downs, Sarah Chan, Marek Zebrowski, Jocelyn Swig-ger, & Charlene Brendler